When you are overwhelmed, your mental gears are not in sync.


The Sherpa System gets your mental gears aligned – more productive, less stress.


“I have an average of 20 recouped hours a week to spend on the important stuff.”

Kathy Bowdish Ph.D.

VP of Global R&D – Sanofi

“I used the 15-20 hours a week I reclaimed for long-term projects, family and my health.”

Gary Bloomgren M.D.

Executive Director –
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“I took the 12 hours a week I was spending on seemingly ‘urgent’ stuff and spent them on my important strategic tasks.”

Ed Oats

VP of Logistics – PriceSmart


“Things that are important, but not urgent, do not fall off the plate.”

Bill Zimmerman

Chairman – LifePro Inc

“It has saved the company $50,000 a year by improving my time/energy to tackle projects and handle my workflow.”

Heather Ulz

CEO – LifePro

“Now my work is proactive, not reactive and I feel great!”

Lori Underwood

Former VP – Vistage Int


“The penalty when something falls through the cracks can easily cost the firm upwards of $100,000.”

Michael Rosenfeld

President – Woodridge Capital

“I’m not constantly worrying about the different things coming across my desk anymore, because they are all in a system now.”

Troy Saxton-Getty

Former CTO – Vistage Int

“I was practicing ‘management through anxiety’ and using worry as my method for prioritizing.”

Matthew Strebe

CEO/CTO – Connetic


“I know that everything is on track. I know exactly where everything is and what’s next. That provides me with a great deal of clarity.”

Jim Canfield

Former CIO – Vistage Int

“I have cut in half the length of my meetings and have a lot more time to focus on executing strategy.”

Carl Heaton

CEO – American Capital Group

“Doesn’t matter if I have days out of the office – I can easily pick up when I come back.”

Heather Ulz

CEO – LifePro


“Sherpa made a major impact on my ability to leave work at work so I can truly relax and enjoy my family at home.”

Matthew Strebe

CEO/CTO – Connetic

“When I am at home, I am at home, not thinking about what I might have forgotten at the end of the day.”

John Blake

Former General Counsel – Vistage Int

“I’m investing that extra time with people who matter and enjoying a less cluttered life!”

Phil Johnson

CEO – LifePro


“The Sherpa program increased the value of my admin because she had been “Sherpasized as well.”

Dan Barnett

COO – Vistage Int

“Sessions are live, one-on-one, but are doable from anywhere, which is great because I travel a lot.”

Eric Kaufmann

President – Sagatica

“I don’t need to be tech savvy because Sherpa is a methodology. It works with my setup anytime anywhere.”

Rory Chenowth

CEO – Pulltarps Mfg


It’s like the difference between reading a book on exercise and having a personal trainer.

``We have read books, attended seminars, downloaded apps, but implementation is where things tend to fall apart.``

Troy Saxton-Getty

Former CTO – Vistage Int.


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