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Mike Salomon

Mike listens. He takes note with care and attention. His observations are crucial when it comes to understanding customers and creating better ways to do things. This talent also helps Mike excel at what he loves to do most: guiding people to the Gokyo State of Mind.

Mike’s dual quest inspired the birth of The Sherpa Program. He holds the tiller on the spirit and mission of the company. Mike is actively involved in research and development efforts leading to new Sherpa solutions.

Mike has a decade of experience designing workflow systems and coaching in the media production, advertising, and other high-velocity industries. His professional background also includes over a dozen years of IT consulting experience. As a result Mike recognizes the limitations of hardware and software tools and the value of creating human practices that make the best use of these tools. He has applied this expertise to create valuable solutions that include fostering rich idea exchange using collaboration tools and developing uncomplicated but powerful knowledge management practices using IP-based servers. Mike has also developed digital media production curricula and taught at UCSD Extension.

Personal Quests
...challenges that define us as individuals. At Sherpa Performance Guides we recognize that our personal quests make us better guides.

Selected Alpine Summit Attempts
• Imja Tse - to third pitch of final ice wall at 19,600 ft (Nepal, 1998)
• Mt. Whitney - Mountaineers Route (California, 1997)
• Mt. San Jacinto - Cactus to Clouds (California, 1997)
• Mt. Shasta via North Face - Hotlum Glacier Route (California, 1996)

Ice Climbing
• Lee Vining Gorge (California, 1997)
• June Lake Falls (California, 1997)

Rock Climbing
• Tahquitz & Suicide Rock (California, 1996)

Open Ocean Kayaking
• Catalina Solo Crossing (California, 1996)
• Todos Santos Island (Mexico, 1996)

Caving (with National Speleological Society)
• Midnight Creek Cave (California, 1998)
• Thunder Canyon Cave - directed NSS documentary filming (California, 1997)
• Cave of the Winding Star (California, 1996)

Malibu Triathlon and other endurance events

Vipassana Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, and Performance Psychology




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