Our story begins with a near death experience in 1998…

Over twenty years Mike has become an international climber, an executive guide, and co-founder of Sherpa Performance Guides.

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In 1998 Mike was pinned down by a storm while climbing an ice wall eight miles southeast of Mt. Everest. It was the trusted, proven, and effective systems of the Sherpa guides that saved his life while pinned down by a storm at 16,400 feet.

Since that near-death experience, Mike has translated such trusted methodologies to the day-to-day storms of executives pinned down by the avalanche of emails, meetings, fires, “quests”, and other “emergencies.”

Without a trusted system, we are hardwired to focus on LVAs (low-value activities), rather than the high-leverage actions that will drive our goals, businesses, and accomplishments.

Mike guiding Greg Wells, VP of Alliances and Business Development, Vistage International

Since co-founding Sherpa Performance Guides in 2001, Mike has helped more than 435 CEOs, VPs, and executives become “Peak Performers in the Storm.”

Since Sherpa Guides mostly hold remote sessions, using screen-sharing software, sessions can be done from anywhere. This is especially helpful for clients that travel a lot.

From 2009 to 2012 Mike guided from a small Sherpa village at 10,000 feet in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal using the only Internet satellite dish in the area. This allowed him to work on his charity in his off-hours.

It’s all about the science

Mike keeps up with the neuroscience of productivity and reads the latest scientific research in areas such as performance psychology, informatics, habit formation, and interruption science. His breadth of knowledge and decades of successful implementation make him an expert in comprehensive executive performance.


When Mike is not helping busy executives and professionals conquer their work day, he runs SherpaCares, www.sherpacares.org, a charity with a 15-year track record of accomplishments in educating the rural children in the Sherpa villages of the Mt. Everest region of Nepal.

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