I want to tell you about a life-changing experience I had. I was dangling on a rope off of a peak about eight miles southeast of Mt. Everest. We got pinned down by a storm just 600 ft from the summit.

Fortunately, because of our Sherpa guides, we all got out of there alive.

I learned a number of things from the Sherpa guides.

They had a system that they always followed which allowed them to focus on the important things, no matter how bad the storm was.

It also allowed them to ignore the unimportant things.

When I got home I reflected and I wanted to bring those lessons back to the business clients I was working with. I wanted to take their philosophy and most importantly, their systems. And in the business world, systems work.

We started Sherpa Performance Guides in 2001 and since then we have guided more than 430 executives to become peak performers through their storms.