Clutter Affects Your Brain and Your Work

Clutter Affects Your Brain and Your Work

I love how the Harvard Business Review keeps releasing “new” findings from top level executives. These are the C-Suite executives who have just discovered what Sherpa Program graduates knew almost a decade ago.

You don’t manage your time, you manage your attention.

These aren’t just any small business executives. These are CEOs from companies with capitalizations of $500K to $42Billion.

This latest HBR article is about the Sherpa habit of externalizing. It’s about how to do it right and how to stop the clutter in your head, and with your post-it-notes, desk, and meetings. Read it here:

CEOs and VPs I talk to can also find these studies on the Sherpa website. Anyone who has the time and interest to read this article, would be a good fit for the Sherpa Program.


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