THE TOP SEVEN threats You face as a CEO

THE TOP SEVEN threats You face as a CEO

CEOs of Fortune 500 to Fortune 50 companies all report the same seven threats to their corporations that CEOs of startups and small business claim. No matter what size the company, or how profitable or how financially stretched it is, no one escapes these top seven challenges:

  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and distracted from all the work, projects and demands on them no matter how many people they have working for them.
  • Feeling fearful that they’ll fail to notice a trend, a problem or a disruption in time to correct it.
  • Feeling fearful about critical and not so critical tasks falling through the cracks.
  • Feeling uncertain about whether they’ve prioritized their day effectively, or not.
  • Feeling pulled in too many directions to be able to make any effective or long lasting impact in any one area.
  • Feeling unskilled in priority triaging – Am I able to make the right decisions based on the right criteria? How do I know?
  • Am I able to leave work at the office often enough I don’t sabotage my family and personal life?


People at all levels of business are quick to write off these challenges as “Time management” problems. These challenges are not about time management. Human Resource departments often say they’re a management or organizational or leadership issue. Wrong again. There’s only one weak link in every one of these challenges – and that’s a “Commitment Management weakness.” No matter how strong a leader, or influential a person you are, until you learn to identify, prioritize and manage your commitments – until you know when to say yes and when to say no, you will never reach your greatest potential or position in your industry. It’s impossible.


The solution is NOT an assistant. If you have an assistant, the solution is not another assistant. The solution is NOT another business book or another workshop. It’s NOT more apps. The solution IS a change in your mindset, a change in your awareness, and a change in your process. The solution is The Sherpa System.

The Sherpa System uses the latest research and techniques for training your brain to do what it was hard-wired to do — which is to survive and thrive. Your brain was never intended to be a calendar or an organizer. Your brain is hard-wired to recognize what you need to do to rise above the stress, confusion and chaos of your day, your job and your life. Your brain is hard-wired to take action on the things that matter to your survival. But unless you have been taught how to do this, or learned from watching someone else who does it, you can’t figure it out logically. Why? Because logic is rarely a part of how people survive. Logic says relying on your brain to remember dates, times, commitments and parties is good. It’s not. That’s like relying on your dog to give you a detailed play-by-play of a football game. Your dog (brain) will try, but all you’re going to hear is a lot of noise and feel a lot of stress.

The Sherpa System on the other hand, trains you and your brain how to do what it was designed to do — to thrive and survive no matter what life throws at it.

The solution does lie in time management books, Daytimers and SMART goals.


Try the Sherpa 15 assessment tool. It can tell us both if you’re hitting your true potential and utilizing your most valuable asset — your mind, to become the most effective, influential and accomplished executive and worker you can be.

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